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File Upload/Download

When you create a user account with us and pay for the file storage service, we will create and provide you with a personal folder for you to upload and download your content (videos, images and audio files).


Once purchased, we'll create the folder and email you when it's available to use. Please allow 24 hours for folder creation. You will be able to access it by using the My Files menu option at the top of this page.


Please save the email we send you as a reminder of the name and location of your personal folder. If you lose the email we send you and need a reminder of your folder name and location, simply email or text us and we'll resend it to you.

Your folder should hold as many images, videos and audio files that you will need (each file upload should be 500MB or less.) We will back up your files, so if you get a message that there's not enough space, we can simply create more space for you.


If we need to create more space for you, that simply means that we will move some of the files from your personal folder to our backup storage in order to make the necessary room for you to upload additional files to your personal folder.


When that happens, please don't be alarmed. All files are backed up and secure and the files that we moved from your personal folder to our backup storage are still available. As soon as you want to download the files that were moved to our backup storage from your personal folder, simply email or text us with the file names you're wanting to download and we will once again make those specific files available in your personal folder so can download them.


If you ever have an issue accessing or uploading/downloading your files, please let us know right away and we will work to fix it for you asap. Remember, all your files in your personal folder are backed up and secure and will remain available for you to download. Please email or text us if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.


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